A group exhibition curated by Casey Gleghorn at No Gallery – 1115 S, La Brea Ave. LA CA 90036. Opening reception: Sep. 7, 6-9pm.

Agony. Apathy. Ennui. Rage. Major new works by the three artists in NO’s latest exhibition luxuriate and thrash around in the space between action and immobility. What does it mean to face personal and collective demons with stakes that are too high to make a move—or to wait? With equal parts commitment, exhaustion, and irony, artworks by Jesse DraxlerJordan Weber, and Mark Mulroney imagine and critique forever-fractured interior and social landscapes while questioning the utility of received definitions and pathways for activism. This makes for bold declarations both alienated from and deeply engaged with the current moment.

Artists: Jesse Draxler, Jordan Weber , Mark Mulroney