No Gallery is happy to be participating in our second art fair presentation at New Art Dealers Alliance - New York 2023. We will be presenting new works by Japan based: Shogo Shimizu, DC based: Allen-Golder Carpenter and UK based: Allan Gardner in project booth P.26. May 17th - May 21st 2023 at 548 West 22nd St. NYC, NY 10011. We are happy to be presenting in this new exhibition location for New Art Dealers New York.

Shogo Shimizu - Vomiting Body Fluid, 2023

colored pencil on paper (27.8x35.3cm)

Allen-Golder Carpenter - Foundation 4, 2023

Cement, concrete, stalking caps, aerosol paint, steel (58 x 8 x 6 in.)

Allan Gardner - Marco Corbelli & Micky Mouse, 2023

Ink and oil on stretched canvas (diptych) (14 x 28½ x 1 in.)

Artists: Allen-Golder Carpenter, Shogo Shimizu 清水将吾, Allan Gardner